Is there an industry resource for finding Graphic Design jobs?

April 17th, 2011 → 11:00 pm @ admin

I am a recent Graphic Design graduate and was wondering if there is a dedicated resource to finding jobs in that field. I am currently looking on regular job sites such as,, etc. but am not having much luck. I live in NJ. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I've done work here in the past. It's not an easy site to travel as there is a lot of information on one page once you are logged in. Just do a search for Graphic Design and you should see all available jobs. I hope you have a good experience with rent a coder. oh and sologig is good too.


Freelance Guide – Essential Freelancing Business Resources

April 17th, 2011 → 3:00 pm @ admin

A lot of people are getting into the freelancing business. If you plan to start being a freelancer, you must gain experience on how to plan up your schedule and meet the deadline right on the dot. If you’re having problems on where to start your career or if you’re in need of a freelancer, then you can try the top freelance sites below. so if you have the skills, you can apply as a freelancer and get that job on the roll.
Freelancer is probably one of the most popular and easy to use freelance website on the internet. Hundreds of jobs are posted daily here. almost all the jobs can be found such as Web Designer, IT infrastructure, engineering, data analyst, data encoder, web developer and many more.
Elance is one of the biggest freelancing jobs website and there are plenty jobs for everyone. They have restricted the number of bids, depending on the type of your account. One of the features that you may find annoying in this service is that you have to undergo an exam to be eligible to enlist yourself as a service provider. Phone number verification is also mandatory.
Lime Exchange
Lime Exchange is also an interesting service to help web designers and developers find the right kind of jobs for themselves. there are interesting projects, passing tests, and showing of skills. there are a lot of professional freelancers and trustful customers, too. however, their membership plans can be complex and confusing at some time.
oDesk is also a very famous freelance platform provider for people to search, enlist and get jobs. If you have the skills and experience, you will find oDesk to be very convenient in finding jobs. the jobs here are countless; the filters are very good so you’re instantly connected to the kind of jobs you’re looking for. They have a rich blog, which is an invaluable resource; they impress with their help and Learning Center- it helps you a lot in the process of understanding how to successfully bid here.
PureDesignResources has an impressive and rich collection of tutorials, trends, blogs and articles on their website. They have an edge over other freelance job resources in terms of creativity and the easily manageable listing of resources. however, they do not have their own database of jobs. the jobs are from different sources so it is hard to describe them and their commissioning fees.
RentaCoder or VWorker
RentaCoder changed their site name and is now called “VWorker”, as in “virtual worker.” RentaCoder is one of the oldest freelancing websites on the internet. With numerous amounts of projects for designers and developers, this freelancing website has a lot of opportunities for you. In fact, RentaCoder was the first to design the process of “skill verification”.
Smashing Jobs
Smashing Magazine is undoubtedly the best design magazine out there. With the readership of thousands of members, they also have a job board of their own. the projects range from part time to full time. the prices are not shown, as they are agreed only upon between client and provider. Also SmashingJobs has no profit from future contracts between freelancers and customers.
Site Point
If you are a web designer or web developer, you must be familiar with the SitePoint network. They are the pioneers when it comes to producing great quality tutorials and articles on web designing and development. They also have a job board of their own. the jobs here are few but the articles, tutorials, tips, and tricks are totally amazing.
Jobs on the Wall
Jobs on the Wall is a new job board from a leading design blog. there are not much jobs posted as of this point, but the quality is good and this job board is likely to grow in the future.
In my opinion, 99Designs is the best website for finding and getting web design related jobs. here you can find some of the best designers in the world. Also the blog gives you lots of resources.
Stay tuned for more helpful articles on how to freelance. (:



Do we need a major Social Media Category? What do you think?

April 17th, 2011 → 11:00 am @ admin

Social Media has many purposes, and in order to ask questions about how to use Social Media to get a job, connect in school, work, personal life, do business, etc. you must go across many categories to get an answer. some have suggested putting the various types as subcategories beneath the major Cateogory of Social Media. what do you think?

Additional Details
Here is an example:;…


Technical Communication – 7 Low-Tech Technical Writing Jobs That Pay Well

April 17th, 2011 → 8:00 am @ admin

You do not need to be a computer engineer or a scientist with Ph.D. to become a top-notch technical writer. there are many low-tech writing niches that you can prosper in even if you are not too comfortable with hi-tech subject matters. Here are seven such opportunities available to all technical writers:

1) Grant Proposal writing. There are a lot of non-profit organizations out there looking for writers to prepare and submit a grant proposal on their behalf. The same goes for for-profit corporations that need writers to prepare the necessary documentation to satisfy the conditions stated in a RFP (Request for Proposal) document and win commercial bids.

2) Resume and cover letter writing. Resumes and cover letters are “evergreen” writing gigs since they are needed all the time. but especially in times of economic hardship and recession, a good resume becomes more important than ever. Learn how to write great resumes and cover letters and you’ll never be without a job.

3) Quality Control Plan (QCP) writing. This is a document submitted by a defense contractor trying to win a defense-related bid. you can learn how to write one within a day and make good money freelancing for defense vendors and contractors.

4) Tests and Quizzes. there are many tutoring companies, SAT and other exam-prep book publishers who need technical writers come up with all kinds of exam questions, tests and quizzes. Pick up one such book you like, find its publisher, and send a query to the editor.

5) Policy and Procedure writing. Policy and Procedure manuals are needed by all kinds of civic, religious, and military organizations, corporate Human Resources departments, and non-profits in general. you gather and compile the rules, policies and procedures so the managers know what to do when something goes wrong.

6) Case studies. A case study defines a problem for an organization, describes the alternative methods tried to resolve the issue, and then defines one solution that worked the best, with Before and After figures. Many mid- and large-size organizations have such case studies written both for their internal training and marketing purposes. This is a lucrative field that overlaps with writing White Papers.

7) Game rule writing. Video and board games is a $12 billion industry and growing. Every game must have its own file or booklet of rules and technical writers write them. if you can write clear directions on how to play a game, what constitutes a “win” or a “loss,” what are the things that are allowed and not allowed, and express it in a language that can be understood by an average reader with only high school education, you might have a job with a game company.


What kind of jobs can you get with a Creative writing Major?

April 15th, 2011 → 6:00 pm @ admin

I'm considering majoring in Creative Writing, and possibly a minor in Mass Communications. What kind of jobs or opportunities would this open up? I love all the creative writing and lit classes required, but i want to make sure that ill be able to get a job when im done with school! any thoughs or ideas? or Creative Writing Major success stories?


Jobs For 17 Year Olds – Minimum Wage is Overrated

April 15th, 2011 → 4:00 am @ admin

Hunting for jobs for 17 year olds but looking for above minimum wage earnings? the secret is to look at jobs that give out tips or incentives for selling something. the most you could first is to focus on what skills you have. the more skilled you are and the good grades to show for it will really help you win a job that pays higher than minimum wage. You also have to have the right attitude. this will shine through the hiring process and you would be able to at least have a reason on why you are legit to have above minimum wage. Jobs for 17 year olds that would most likely have this swanky above minimum wage earning power would be in the restaurant business and telemarketing.

Being in the restaurant or food service business would be paying minimum wage but if you do excellently waiting tables, your tips can become even more than what you’re accepting as an employee. this is also a great way to meet people who can provide employment opportunities in the future.

Telemarketing can have lucrative jobs for 17 year olds, especially if you are savvy in the area of sales. Look for companies which give you commissions or incentives when you are able to meet targets on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Just in case, you need to further sharpen your skills, opt for two part-time jobs that would pay you by the hour. Baby sitting or tutoring are areas which can bring in the money and also provide a sense of meaning and goodwill at the same time.


Does anybody have any tips that may help me find a job in web development?

April 14th, 2011 → 12:00 pm @ admin

Hi. I am relatively new to web development. I am decent at XHTML and CSS. I know a bit about php, but I still have a lot left to learn. In the mean time, I need to get some sort of money coming in. I have checked on various freelance websites, but it seems you need to be pretty proficient in programming to get one of those jobs. Does anybody have any tips that may help me find a job? I know I won't get paid a lot for it, but I just need something to bring a little money in and give me something to add to my portfolio.


Jobs – The Most Dangerous Kind

April 13th, 2011 → 8:00 am @ admin

It’s no secret that there are many dangerous jobs out there in the world. Heck, some jobs that should be relatively safe, like working at a post office, result in people losing their lives. So while it is true, because of the world that we live in, that no job is totally safe, there are some jobs that are dangerous just by the nature of the job itself. We take a look at just a few of these, most of which will probably be very obvious to you.

One of the most dangerous jobs in the world has to be that of a policeman. Not the ones that sit behind a desk, but the ones that are out on the street. with the prevalence of drugs and other substances in our society, every step that a policeman takes out on the streets is a potential step into mortal danger. What makes this all the more worse is that policeman are paid less money than professions that are no where near as dangerous and certainly no where near as important. This makes being a policeman not only dangerous, but thankless. This is something that you really have to want to do with all your heart.

Another very dangerous job is that of a fireman. every time that alarm goes off and a fireman has to respond to a fire, he is potentially walking into his death. Burning homes and warehouses don’t care who you are. They don’t care if you have a uniform on or not. Fire burns and kills everybody the same. in some ways, being a fireman is even more dangerous than being a policeman as each time you take a call you know there is a fire and a potentially dangerous situation. This is another job you have to want to do more than anything.

If you’re looking for danger in your work, there is always the military. And it isn’t just going off to fight a war that makes it dangerous. a lot of the military training itself can be very dangerous as they need to prepare you for meeting with the enemy. Soldiers have been seriously hurt during training maneuvers. Men have died from excessively long hikes with full pack in the blazing sun. the commercial says, “Be all that you can be”. it should probably add a caveat to that saying. Something like “At your own risk”.

But if you really want to live on the edge of extinction, just get yourself some training with explosives and find yourself a job on the bomb squad. in today’s world where terrorism is so prevalent, bomb scares are a way of life. And with each scare is the potential to find a real bomb. the job of the bomb squad is to disarm that bomb or to get blown up trying. No, this is not a high rush video game. This is real life, as dangerous as it gets.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, Add to this FBI Agent, CIA Agent, Coal Miner, Construction Worker and anybody who works with heavy machinery and you’ve got enough danger to put a whole city in the hospital, or worse.


LinkedIn creates new application for college students

April 12th, 2011 → 10:00 am @ admin

The professional networking site LinkedIn now has a new program that allows college students to explore career options as they enter the job market.

LinkedIn and PricewaterhouseCoopers U.S. collaborated to create Career Explorer, a program that finds job positions within a student’s field of choice, charts a plan to achieve such positions based on the career paths of other LinkedIn users and lets students network with others in that specific field.

PwC is a company that is the largest employer of college graduates and works to help them develop their careers.

“We are dedicated to helping students find the right career path and build successful careers,” said Paula Loop, U.S. and global talent leader for PwC. “In that effort, obviously social media is important and so we actually reached out to LinkedIn and started having this dialogue on how we can work jointly to come to the shared vision of helping students prepare for their future careers.”

PwC is working with 60 schools, including USC, to incorporate the Career Explorer program. since its release, the Career Explorer function has gotten a fair amount of attention, Loop said.

“Students like it. they can really see what it can show them about their career and career options. I think it’s getting a lot of good buzz,” Loop said.

In addition to connecting students with professionals in their field through LinkedIn’s network, the Career Explorer program helps to develop realistic expectations and goals by giving accurate descriptions and salaries of current jobs and by showing successful career paths of users, she said.

“It gives students an idea of what’s out there and how they should go about it; how they should be thinking about their career,” Loop said.

Although Career Explorer is especially targeted to college students’ needs, the program can be used by people of all ages who are researching potential jobs.

“It’s not specific to those in the business world. It’s for anybody,” Loop said. “From a broader scale, I think it would [be] a benefit to not only people that are considering what their major might be, so what university they might go to, [that has] to have that major and also certainly parents that want to help advise their children.”

Leigh Schneider, a freshman majoring in theatre, said the Career Explorer function seemed like a good tool for students.

“You got to get yourself out there, and as a theatre major, we’re told to go on different websites to network,” Schneider said.

Because LinkedIn memberships are free, Schneider said she thought the Career Explorer program would be an easy way to advance career connections.

However, many other networks are available to students that might be better suited for particular fields, Schneider said. for her major, she has been referred to multiple other sites. As such, the new program might not have a dramatic effect across campus with other networking  opportunities already in play.

“It’s one way to get yourself out there, but it’s not going to replace other ways,” Schneider said.

PwC and LinkedIn are hosting an event on campus today to acquaint students with the new Career Explorer program and to help students with their career development in the Ballroom of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center at 11 a.m..


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