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April 17th, 2011 → 3:00 pm @ admin

A lot of people are getting into the freelancing business. If you plan to start being a freelancer, you must gain experience on how to plan up your schedule and meet the deadline right on the dot. If you’re having problems on where to start your career or if you’re in need of a freelancer, then you can try the top freelance sites below. so if you have the skills, you can apply as a freelancer and get that job on the roll.
Freelancer is probably one of the most popular and easy to use freelance website on the internet. Hundreds of jobs are posted daily here. almost all the jobs can be found such as Web Designer, IT infrastructure, engineering, data analyst, data encoder, web developer and many more.
Elance is one of the biggest freelancing jobs website and there are plenty jobs for everyone. They have restricted the number of bids, depending on the type of your account. One of the features that you may find annoying in this service is that you have to undergo an exam to be eligible to enlist yourself as a service provider. Phone number verification is also mandatory.
Lime Exchange
Lime Exchange is also an interesting service to help web designers and developers find the right kind of jobs for themselves. there are interesting projects, passing tests, and showing of skills. there are a lot of professional freelancers and trustful customers, too. however, their membership plans can be complex and confusing at some time.
oDesk is also a very famous freelance platform provider for people to search, enlist and get jobs. If you have the skills and experience, you will find oDesk to be very convenient in finding jobs. the jobs here are countless; the filters are very good so you’re instantly connected to the kind of jobs you’re looking for. They have a rich blog, which is an invaluable resource; they impress with their help and Learning Center- it helps you a lot in the process of understanding how to successfully bid here.
PureDesignResources has an impressive and rich collection of tutorials, trends, blogs and articles on their website. They have an edge over other freelance job resources in terms of creativity and the easily manageable listing of resources. however, they do not have their own database of jobs. the jobs are from different sources so it is hard to describe them and their commissioning fees.
RentaCoder or VWorker
RentaCoder changed their site name and is now called “VWorker”, as in “virtual worker.” RentaCoder is one of the oldest freelancing websites on the internet. With numerous amounts of projects for designers and developers, this freelancing website has a lot of opportunities for you. In fact, RentaCoder was the first to design the process of “skill verification”.
Smashing Jobs
Smashing Magazine is undoubtedly the best design magazine out there. With the readership of thousands of members, they also have a job board of their own. the projects range from part time to full time. the prices are not shown, as they are agreed only upon between client and provider. Also SmashingJobs has no profit from future contracts between freelancers and customers.
Site Point
If you are a web designer or web developer, you must be familiar with the SitePoint network. They are the pioneers when it comes to producing great quality tutorials and articles on web designing and development. They also have a job board of their own. the jobs here are few but the articles, tutorials, tips, and tricks are totally amazing.
Jobs on the Wall
Jobs on the Wall is a new job board from a leading design blog. there are not much jobs posted as of this point, but the quality is good and this job board is likely to grow in the future.
In my opinion, 99Designs is the best website for finding and getting web design related jobs. here you can find some of the best designers in the world. Also the blog gives you lots of resources.
Stay tuned for more helpful articles on how to freelance. (:



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